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2018 Cycling through July

Random Rides

Lazy Ride

Post ER visit test ride 4/19/18

Mukluk Tarmac Roll 3/30/18

Mud Buckets 3/25/18

Group Ride – Zachary, Scott, Dustin

08/28/17 – Solo Pacing

08/25/17 – Week “Ender”

Motor Monday-Pacing



Hot 6/25 Hot Hot

6/21/17 Lunch Legs

6/3/17 Pioneer Metric

5/4/17 80degrees x2!!

5/3/17 80degrees!

Miles ridden

Elevation Gain (ft)

Days in the saddle

Calories Burned

Nice day for a ride, I noticed what a mess there was along both sides of Marine Drive, hence the news story about the homeless and what they have been doing. I saw the KOIN6 news SUV and cameraman right as I slowed to turn and head up the 205 bridge.. guess I’ll add this 3.2 seconds to my 15 minutes of fame. about 1:40 into the video

My 2016 Cycling Season At a Glance

Total Rides for the season 73

Miles ridden

Elevation Gain (ft)

Days in the saddle

Calories Burned


My website for Hiking and Backpacking Resources in the Pacific Northwest and Beyond

My Route list from RidWtihGPS

I have been collecting and riding routes this year, and want to share them whenever possible

Rail to Trails Conservancy

Rails to Trails Conservancy site


BikePacking sites I like


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