Some roadie’s Info to help with you’re Climbing

aka – Super SufferFest






This is a rough and tough plan to get your Ass up those hills you know you must conquer on the next big ride. It is not rocket science, and not even mind numbing, just a BIG Effort for BIG Reward scenario.

Generally speaking you should try start this effort by warming up for about 30 minutes at an easy pace over flat terrain. A nice touch if you can, is to find or make yourself a route where the climbs are at or near the end of the ride. You really want a climb that will put you at your maximum sustainable intensity (think 80% effort range) for 15 – 20 minutes, but no more. Focus on recovery during the descent, then turn around and do it again! then Again! Now, after doing this routine once a week for a few weeks, you should see a marked improvement in your climbing pace and ability to sustain the increased effort of climbing longer and longer hills.

Don’t get discouraged the first few times out, as you get stronger it is common to see a temporary decrease in output pace and distance as you build your stamina and climbing muscles.. Make sure you do not go beyond your self imposed Red Line! this will only set you back and take longer for you to see significant results.. Back off as needed to ensure you are completing the circuit.

Keep the faith and you Will SUCCEED!

Hill Acceleration intervals

So for some specific HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) type training on hills, you can try out this cycle.  Seems to be the ticket for me! As noted in the graphic, try to find a climb that takes about 90 seconds to complete. Get started by sitting spinning in a gear you can manage well. As you progress, try and slowly accelerate up through the first minute or so, then with about 30 seconds from the top, push your effort to maximum even standing if you desire.

To complete the circuit, look top repeat the climb 4-5 times making sure you rest at least two minutes between efforts. I start my recovery minutes once back down the hill, so for me it’s more like 3.5 minutes rest between turns.

This sounds easy, but really isn’t if your putting out your max.. Don’t worry if the first few times you try this, the max effort feels more like just hanging on, you will get better over time, and look back and laugh at these little hills…