Best bargain sound deadener/ heat shield

Best bargain sound deadener/ heat shield

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If you want to decrease sound you need to go with CCF and MLV. Those stick products are to decrease resonance not block sound.

Here is a great thread on it:…d.php?t=559596

and another post about it:…5&postcount=54

Here is a good website that explains it all:…-vehicle-quiet

You can get it all online. The issue is that MLV is heavy. You can get different pounds per square foot but the shipping is what kills you. If you can find it locally you are golden.

Its kinda hard to work the MLV in tighter spots and depending on what you have close to the floor you might have some clearance issues (gas peddle). Ideally you would want it completely connected. I have used it on other people cars and it makes a huge difference.

I used the advice from sounddeadener showdown and I used Noico on my floors for the vibration dampener & ccf…/dp/B00URUIKAK…?ie=UTF8&psc=1

For the mlv I used this product from Home Depot…96BX/100663624

In terms of sound damping this is some of the best stuff. And a good price.

W.R. Grace Ice and Water shield. Home depot online.

Lay the fatmat for sound and rattle insulation. Then use a foam with a foil to reflect heat. I have foam from a generator enclosure on a yacht, it is 1″ thick, with lead shielding, and thick reflective foil. Floor stays cold.
Here’s a quick link I found.…03oaAqwS8P8HAQ

Here’s a source that is mentioned on, but I have not compared prices:


Reset Odometer GM Speedo

Speedometer Reset to all Zero’s

From 67-72 Chevy Truck forum

Basically gotta remove your dash panel….unscrew the speedo from the dash panel tin….remove the pointer by lightly pulling up on it….remove the two screws that hold the faceplate….remove 2 more screws from the top mount cross bar….slide the odometer to the left and it should pop out…if the plastic piece that holds the tumblers is still there pop it off the tumblers and reset to zero by lining up all 5 tumblers….If not, make one out of rigid plastic bottle (I used an old plastic juice bottle and cut it out using an exacto knife)…
When putting it back togther, make sure that the 3 tumblers fit down over that piece of metal sticking up and the rolling gear on the right fits back together…hope this helps!

If you have the odometer wheel out just hold it in your left hand with fingers holding the first metal tab(left to right) and turn the gear with other hand until you have 9 in the ten thousand place. Then just keep holding the first metal tab and now hold the second metal and turn until you have 99***. Then you do the same for the rest until 99999. Then I just reinstall the wheel and then turn the speedo by hand a few turns until 00000. Hope that helps.

here’s a picture to help….The 2nd pic shows how the 3 tumblers fit back down over the metal piece…


use a old wall mart gift card!! plastic bottles or milk jugs dry up and crack apart in the heat!!i live in Arizona, and extreme heat caused mine to break(tried milk jug) they also shrink & deform with heat…wallmart is good for something!!!  just cut the slots out with exacto knife.

Just a heads up…

For those who hate to mess with the stock gauge needles – you can remove the odometer by just loosening the two screws on the speedo face and sliding the tumbler out from under it…

It will come out that way – I have done it – just go slow and you will eventually be able to get it out and back in without taking off the needle.

Reinstall is the exact opposite – making sure that all the items listed above are adhered to.



Parking Brake engaged indicator

From the Truck Forum posted by AirSpeed

I have driven off with my parking brake partly engaged on a couple occasions and today I had a brain flash! I mounted a brake light switch that is normally open on the parking brake bracket, I grounded one of the two lugs to the bracket and ran a wire from the other lug to the brake wire on the master cylinder. Now when the key is on and the parking brake is engaged the “brake” light in the dash lights up until I release the parking brake. It was a ten minute operation and works perfectly.

Showing switch position with brake off

Showing switch position with brake off

Showing switch when brake is applied

Showing switch when brake is applied (note Ground wire on mounting screw)

One side of the switch goes to the ground lug, the other to the wire on the Master Cylinder.


Updates to the thread were made by Bruce88 and include this.

Since my parking brake assembly is not installed it was easier to show this mod with some dimensions and a wiring diagram. If you’re interested see my build (post #421)…60#post4264460

Dakota Digital VHX Gauges

Dakota Digital VHX Gauges for 67-72 Chevy Trucks

More info once the installation begins.. Can’t wait!

Dakota Digital is proud to introduce the BIM Expansion modules for Dakota Digital VFD and VHX instrument systems. The introduction of the Dakota Digital BIM modules allow you to add up to an additional 16 gauges, that’s right we said SIXTEEN specialty gauges to your vehicle without the need to cut extra holes in the dash or installing pillar and pod mounts to your columns or under the dash. 

Please note that the BIM modules are only compatible with current VFD, VHX and RET control boxes which have a black plastic housing. Control boxes with metal housings are not compatible with the BIM modules.



Scored these at a great price, will be using them in Trippin Hazard!!


Tech Specs:
Analog Gauges

·0 -160 MPH (optional metric version 0- 255 km/h)

·0- 8,000 RPM

Oil Pressure
·0- 80 psi

Water Temperature
·100- 260ºF (optional metric version 40- 120ºC)

Fuel Level
·E, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, F

·9- 17 VDC

·Back lit technology is popular with performance instrumentation due to precise lighting allowing you see what is truly important when you really need it at a quick glance. Each number, tick mark, annunciator, needle, indicator and digital message center is lit by a series of LEDs behind the gauge face. 

Digital Message Centers

Standard Displays
·Odometer (One time user settable, Million Mile)
·Dual (A/B) Trip Meter (0- 9,999.9)
·Clock (12 hour)

Performance Meters
·0- 60 MPH Timer (0- 100 kmh)
·1/4 mile time
·1/4 mile end speed (trap speed)
·High speed recall
·High RPM recall

·Speedometer (0- 255 MPH/kmh)
·Tachometer (0- 9,990 RPM)
·Oil Pressure (0-100 psi displayed in 1 psi increments)
·Water Temperature (100- 300ºF/ 40- 150ºC displayed in 1 ºF/ºC increments)
·Voltmeter (9- 17 VDC)
·Fuel Level (0-99% full)

·Auto-contrasting LCD display for optimal view in the brightest of sunlight.
·LED backlit at night to match/ complete the look at night.

Built-in Indicators

·Turn Signals (Left/ Right)
·High Beam
·Check Engine
·Parking Brake
·Cruise Control (On/ On & Engaged when vehicle is equipped)
·Gear Position (Optional GSS-2000 sensor required)
·4 x 4 (When vehicle is equipped)
·Wait to Start (When vehicle is equipped)




I have the VHX with white needles and analog clock