FITech GoEFI Install on Goldmember

Overview of the FITech Go EFI install on project GoldMember

Using vendor information and various posts from the 67-72 truck forum along with my personal experiences, I will document the install as best I can.

I ordered the FITech Go EFI 4 600hp basic kit # 30002.  The first few pics are from the initial unpacking. At first glance, this kit looks to be nicely put together and has good quality parts included. It will be installed on a mild 350/700R4 drive-train going into the Burb. As I am finally getting to the point where the mock up can begin, I will add in some of the resources I have found online for reference.

The 40003 Fuel Command Center utilizes a sump tank that mounts in your engine compartment. Use your existing fuel pump (low pressure electric or engine driven carbureted) to deliver fuel to the sump where a 340 L/PH high pressure fuel pump is submerged in fuel. This style pump runs cooler and is quieter than external inline pumps.
While looking at various installs, I found some good reference Pictures from the Post listed above on the 67-72 truck forum. I took one of his pics and made an annotated image for reference so that while I’m in the shop working, I can have something to work from.

Since I do not yet have the engine installed, I snapped a pic just for fun with the throttle body sitting on the intake. But my real focus has been on getting the Fuel Command Center mounted to the core support, and running a vent line back the the vent tube located near the fuel filler neck.


Adding updated information for the Fuel Command Center Pulse Width Modulation settings related to some reported over heating issues. FITech explains that they ship the system with a PWM setting originally designed for a frame mounted fuel pump, read-on…

Setting the Fuel Pump Pulse Width Modulation

Did you know that you can control the pulse width modulation (speed) of your fuel pump with your hand held controller?

Your system comes shipped with the fuel pump control pwm set for frame mounted pumps. If you are using a fuel command center (fcc) you should change the speed of the pump.

To do this follow these steps:
Step 1: Plug hand held controller into the ECU on the FiTech Throttle Body. Turn your key on or start your engine to power the system.

Step 2: Go to the Main Menu. In the Main Menu Scroll down to option 6 Go EFI Pro Tuning. Select Go EFI Pro Tuning.





Step 3: In the Go EFI Pro Tuning Menu scroll down to Option 12 Fuel Pump Control. Select Fuel Pump Control.





Step 4: Scroll down to option 7 (PWM Low Flow) select edit. In the edit menu press clear (CLR) enter a new value of 40.



Press OK, Then in the Fuel Pump Control Menu press the center of the control stick to send the change to the ECU.





Step 5: If the engine is running the system update should be complete and you are done. If the changes were made with just the key on turn the key off and wait 15 seconds for the system to power down (the screen will flash black) once this is complete you may now start the engine and verify your change.

I did the mock-up the Fuel Command Center last night, I made a mounting plate out of 3/16 aluminum and located it next to the headlight on the driver’s side. As there are few places under the hood to locate this, i think its going to work out fine. Plus, In reading other install threads, I know it is working for other C10 owners, which is a bonus and saves some potential headaches..