Project Description

Project began a phased approach,

Phase One – Drivetrain & Suspension

  • 5 lug Disc brake conversion with dropped spindles & Rear axle swap to 5 lug 3.73 posi with 4 inch dropped springs
    • This actually turned out to be, 5 lug conversion with Tubular upper and lower control arms and airbags.
    • Rear axle swap with 3.73 limited slip and a disc brake conversion and air bags.
  • Restore gas tank
  • New stock white powder coated steel wheels and new tires
  • Remove the original 305, replacement is a sbc 355 ci. mild roller cam and ealry vortec heads.
  • Addition of FiTech throttle body injection system
  • Add 700Rd overdrive in place of 3spd manual
  • Add power steering with all new linkage, ball joints, etc…
  • Install complete Accuair Management system

Phase two – Interior & exterior

  • Swap in bucket seats and console in place of original bench seat
  • Install Tach/Vac dash
  • Tilt column to replace factory 3 spd. column shift
  • Install a factory cruise control setup
  • Install complete sound system
    • Head unit
    • Sub woofers
    • Amps
  • New dash pad
  • New glove box liner
  • New windshield

Project Details

Client Drew
Date on-going
Nickname for her


Project Feature

The idea behind Goldmember is that I wanted an original looking but modern performing Suburban. I have always liked they style and after finding this one that had been tucked in a barn on the farm for 20+ years, I just had to have it. She also has an alter Ego ‘Super Sag Wagon’ this is a term used by cyclists to describe the SAG (Support and Gear) vehicle that takes care of the cyclist and his bike while out on a ride or race.

Similar Projects

I have found some inspiration to help me get not only ideas for Goldmember, but to get a peek on how other burb owners are making them their own.