2018 Cycling through July

Lazy Ride

Post ER visit test ride 4/19/18

Mukluk Tarmac Roll 3/30/18

Mud Buckets 3/25/18

Group Ride – Zachary, Scott, Dustin

08/28/17 – Solo Pacing

08/25/17 – Week “Ender”

Motor Monday-Pacing



Hot 6/25 Hot Hot

6/21/17 Lunch Legs

6/3/17 Pioneer Metric

5/4/17 80degrees x2!!

5/3/17 80degrees!






Nice day for a ride, I noticed what a mess there was along both sides of Marine Drive, hence the news story about the homeless and what they have been doing. I saw the KOIN6 news SUV and cameraman right as I slowed to turn and head up the 205 bridge.. guess I’ll add this 3.2 seconds to my 15 minutes of fame. about 1:40 into the video

My 2016 Cycling Season At a Glance

Total Rides for the season 73






My website for Hiking and Backpacking Resources in the Pacific Northwest and Beyond

I have been collecting and riding routes this year, and want to share them whenever possible

Rails to Trails Conservancy site

BikePacking sites I like




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