Shimano Wireless Unit (EW-WU111) User Manual

• This is a small waterproof connector. Do not repeat connecting and disconnecting it. It may impair
the function.
• The components are designed to be fully waterproofed to withstand wet weather riding conditions;
however, do not deliberately place them into water.
• Do not clean the bicycle in a high-pressure car wash. If water gets into any of the components,
operating problems or rusting may result.
• Handle the products carefully, and avoid subjecting them to any strong shocks.
• Do not position the unit on the side of the bicycle frame, as in the illustrations.
If the bicycle collapses, damage to the unit may result if the unit is caught between the bicycle frame
and curbstones etc.


• Contact the place of purchase for updates of the product software. The most up-to-date information
is available on the Shimano website.
• Do not use thinners or similar substances to clean the products. Such substances may damage the
• Be careful not to let water get into the terminal.
• Store in a safe place out of the reach of small children to avoid letting them swallow by mistake.
• 2.4GHz digital wireless system
2.4GHz-frequency digital wireless technology, which is the same technology used for wireless LAN.
However, in a very rare occasions, objects and places may generate strong electromagnetic, waves and
interference, which may result in incorrect measurement.
* Television, PC, radios, motors/engines, or in car and trains.
* Railroad crossings and near railway tracks, around television transmitting stations and radar bases.
* Other wireless computers or digitally controlled light.
• Disconnect Bluetooth LE when not using E-TUBE PROJECT for smartphones/tablets.
Using the wireless unit without disconnecting Bluetooth LE may result in high battery power
• Products are not guaranteed against natural wear and deterioration from normal use and aging.
• For maximum performance we highly recommend Shimano lubricants and maintenance products.


ANT connection
The wireless unit transmits the following three types of information to compatible cycle computers or
1) Number of gears (front, rear)
2) DI2 battery level
3) Adjustment mode information
For information on which of the above types of information is to be displayed, refer to the manual for
your cycle computer or receiver.
* The latest functions can be checked by updating the software via E-TUBE PROJECT. For details, consult
the place of purchase.
Bluetooth® LE connection
E-TUBE PROJECT for smartphones/tablets may be used if a Bluetooth LE connection is established with a
When using the wireless unit, combine it with one of the following units.
External type: BM-DN100, Built-in type: BT-DN110
How to make connections
ANT connection
To make a connection, the cycle computer needs to be in connection mode. For information on how to
put the cycle computer into connection mode, refer to the manual for the cycle computer.
1) Put the cycle computer into connection mode.
2) When using an external battery
Check that the electric wires are connected to the wireless unit. Then, remove and remount the
external battery.
When using a built-in battery
Check that the electric wires are connected to the wireless unit. Then, remove the electric wires
(two wires) from the wireless unit and reconnect them.
( Connection transmission begins about 30 seconds after the battery is remounted or the electric
wires are reconnected to the wireless unit.)
3) This completes the connection process.
Check on the cycle computer to see if connection was successful.
If a connection cannot be made in the way described above, refer to the manual for your cycle
For information on how to show the number of gears or the DI2 battery level, refer to the manual for
the cycle computer.
Bluetooth® LE connection
Before setting up a connection, turn on Bluetooth LE on the smartphone/tablet.
1) Open E-TUBE PROJECT and set it to listen for Bluetooth LE signals.
2) Setting up via information display
Press the mode switch until “C” appears on the display. The cycle computer will begin
signal transmission. The unit name displays in E-TUBE PROJECT.
Setting up via junction A
Press the button on junction (A) until the green LED and red LED begin to blink alternately. The unit
on the bicycle will begin signal transmission. The unit name displays in E-TUBE PROJECT.
3) Select the unit name displayed on screen.
* To disconnect, cancel the Bluetooth LE connection from the smartphone/tablet. (The cycle computer
will exit connection mode and return to regular operation mode.)

Frequency band 2,402 – 2,480 MHz
Maximum radio-frequency power +4 dBm
Firmware version 4.1.1 –