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My love for restoring and building trucks never ends, I only wish there were 48 hours in a day…

First up for review is a project I am launching called Trippin Hazard.

Originally called “Chaos Theory” (one definition being – Chaos Theory deals with nonlinear things that are effectively impossible to predict or control, like turbulence, weather, the stock market, our brain states, and so on). That describes me to a T…

Anyway, I’m stepping into this build very much like many of you have, by picking up what once was someone else’s father son project that just didn’t come to fruition. It changed hands a few times until it landed in mine, with some of the former owners being fellow board members. (I will let them decide if they want to identify themselves).

She is technically a 1969 short wide, but will be resurrected as a 67. Some work was started, (c-notch, bagged, tubbed with a narrowed 12 bolt, and 2 wheels used for mock up, however only a small amount that will remain as my vision goes in a different direction.

Quick rundown on what I had to begin with
1969 Short bed Chevrolet pickup.
• narrowed 12 bolt (six inches overall)
• Widened tubs to match
• 1968 front clip
• 18×8 (4.5 BS) & 18×10 (4.0 BS) Boyd “Harm” wheels (only came with one of each, more on that story)
• C- Notched
• Bags all four corners

• No engine, transmission, wiring, column, windshield, back window, tailgate, and so on…

And there it is, from a decent beginning to…. well something i can be proud of, that’s the end goal…

Current plans for Trippin Hazard will look something like this;

Full Extreme Dropmember – bagged with Accuair
Full Roller Small Block 357 CI, (LS on the menu!)
FAST XFI Sportsman with EZ-EFI 2.0 throttle body
Exterior will be Bombay Ivory, Magnolia White or similar
Interior will be red, factory buckets, console (actually using 72 seat covers)

Already changed out the cab for one that doesn’t require weeks and weeks of metal work..

Bombay Ivory Paint Codes:

  • PPG # 80756
  • GM # WWE578
  • Dupont # 93-72961

Magnolia Paint Codes:

  • PPG # 90034
  • Dupont # 43250
  • Acme Rogers # 91675

Trippin Hazard: Procharged Drop Membered 67

Build thread:

Gallery of Photos:

Porterbuilt Install: Trippin Hazard Porterbuilt Install

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